As a parent who has had all four of my children attend this camp every year since entering 6th grade, and all four earning their Citation Award along the way, you might think I’m a little biased about the influence this camp has had in their life.  I am.  But I’ve never forgotten that very first year for our eldest child.  Sending my one and only little girl off  to camp in the care of others, I wanted to make sure it was going to be a safe, enjoyable, and spiritually edifying experience.  I still do!

Puget Sound Strategic Ministries (“PSSM”) and your camp staff are dedicated to the spiritual teaching and training of children and youth.  At camp, this teaching focuses on core values that enable them to make choices resulting in a positive impact on their life, as well as upon our communities and our world.  Our hope and prayer is that all children and youth will come to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  PSSM was instituted by individuals who have answered God’s call to continue a camp ministry whose values have remained unchanged over the past 40 plus years.  Our intent is to provide a camp environment (including biblically based teaching, personnel and program format) that has ministered to thousands of youth, providing a life changing experience.

Puget Sound Camp is unique in that it is exclusively for Awana youth.  We strive to make it a safe place, both physically and emotionally.  We are keenly aware that we will spend more time with your child in one week then they will spend all year in their club.  We regularly review our safety protocols and procedures, modifying them if necessary.  Your volunteer staff is carefully chosen. They must be recommended, screened, reference and background checked each year before serving.  Most are current Awana leaders, including former campers.  Some are pastors and AWANA missionaries.  All our staff volunteers for this camp ministry must also complete mandatory training and written testing prior to serving.  Our goal is that each volunteer will have a positive spiritual impact on your child while at camp.  Should you have any concerns regarding anything about camp, you are encouraged to contact either of the individuals below.

We encourage you to discuss this camp with your son or daughter.  Invite them to talk to you about their camp expectations, experiences, and/or concerns. And please -- let your son or daughter know they are encouraged to talk with any of our camp staff should there be something he or she is not comfortable with at camp.

Yes, we plan for camp to be fun!  But beyond that, we desire and envision camp to be a positive experience for you and your children; a time of spiritual growth, and a time your children look back on with fond memories, knowing they were cared for.  Despite the fact that use fees at every available host camp in our region of WA have now doubled, we continue to diligently strive to provide value for your dollar too.  I encourage you to read the Frequently Asked Questions pages included with this application for additional helpful information.  While registration can be accepted anytime prior to camp, please note the camp deposit alone only secures a spot at camp until midnight June 1st (see Camp FAQ’s).  We covet your prayers as we work to bring spiritual enrichment to the young people entrusted to us at camp.